Get Console 2.11 Released

Get Console 2.11 Released

Get Console 2.11 Released in App Store

Apple have just approved our latest version of Get Console and RapidSSH. These free updates to the previous version 2.06 provide a number of improvements to Bluetooth keyboards, User Interface and Dropbox/iCloud syncing. 

This release also lays the foundation for multiple serial port support. We will shortly have a new (optional) 4 port serial cable for the Airconsole which can be used instead of the current single USB-Serial port that ships with Airconsole. This will effectively convert Airconsole into a terminal server. the 4 port cable is designed to clip together to 1 or more additional 4 port cables to build a variable port terminal server all powered from a single Airconsole. We are still testing the performance power requirements and battery limits to know the maximum number of serial ports that can be connected to a single Airconsole but this will be finalized soon.

Watch for more on this in a few weeks time.

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