2014/10/08 - Get Console 2.05 and Airconsole updates coming soon

2014/10/08 - Get Console 2.05 and Airconsole updates coming soon

We've just submitted the next version of Get Console to Apple for review - hopefully out in the next week or so.

Get Console 2.05 adds new iCloud functionality which (in addition to the current Dropbox support) allows users to share their Get Console terminal sessions, logs and other files between their iOS devices seamlessly. With the recent addition of iCloud Drive in iOS8 we can now support generic document types such as Get Consoles .script and .connection file types.

Also in 2.05 we now officially support iOS8. The current v2.01 has some keyboard transparency issues under iOS8 which are now fixed in this release, along with now supporting landscape orientation again on iPhone platform.

Then next Airconsole release is also fairly close. This release will add a packet capture mode that lets Airconsole act as a remote Wireshark collection point and stream pre-filtered packet capture data to a remote laptop running Wireshark. More on this feature in next few weeks.

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