2015/03/25 - Android SDK Released

2015/03/25 - Android SDK Released

Today we have released our Android SDK for Airconsole. This SDK allows Android Developers to easily create smartphone and tablet applications that interact with legacy RS232 and other serial ports commonly found on industrial, home automation and networking equipment. The SDK handles the automatic discover, connection and configuration of the Airconsole Serial adaptor over either WIFI or Bluetooth and then presents a simple input / output stream to the developer to write and read serial data from. Fully working sample applications are included in the bundle.


Airconsole SDK for Android is the latest SDK we have made and complements our existing iOS and Websockets SDKs. These are all available for immediate download from our Developer page. The Android SDK is multi-port capable so will also support our new Airconsole Mini and Airconsole TS multiport serial over WIFI/Bluetooth adaptors. All SDKs also allow for connection to USB-Serial ports more common as a management interface on later devices so long as the USB chipset is one of the more common variants. 


If you have a great idea for a smartphone or tablet App that needs to interact with serial ports on existing field equipment of any type then checkout the Developer page and get in touch.

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