Airconsole 4 Port Cable Released

Airconsole 4 Port Cable Released

Today we have released our 4 port USB-Serial cable for use with existing Airconsoles and also for direct attachement to PCs and Mac's. This unit has been in the works for quite some time and its great to finally get it out there.

 Airconsole 2 with 4 port cable

The 4 port cable kit enables a single Airconsole to connect to 4 different serial devices concurrently, and presents each serial port independently to a terminal app such as Get Console on iOS or PuTTY on PC. Use the 4 port cable to connect up to multiple serial devices at once to get (for example) lab work done faster without having to muck around changing cables. 

Using the 4 port cable kit transforms the Airconsole into a very cost effective full featured terminal device server. There are a number of enterprise specific features to the Airconsole firmware that will be added over the next month to expand its use as a terminal server. These free updates will be on our support portal and announced here when available.


The 4 port cable has an spare female USB port and an integrated slide system. This allows multiple 4 port cables to be joined together to form a single 8 or 12 port unit. There are certain caveats for existing Airconsoles using multiple 4 port cable kits joined together - please read the full product details before purchasing.


The 4 port USB-Serial cable kit works with any model of Airconsole running firmware 2.60 or later. This new firmware also adds more features to the integrated web terminal, allowing for auto-detection of the 4 port cable and a drop down selector to instantly change between ports.


The Airconsole Mini and Airconsole TS also use the 4 port cable kit however can support multiple 4 port cables chained together to for 8,12 or even 16 port devices for permanent installation.

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