2014/11/04 - Airconsole Firmware 2.55 Released

2014/11/04 - Airconsole Firmware 2.55 Released

Today we have released a new version of the Airconsole Firmware. This is a free upgrade for all Airconsole users.


New Features in this release include: 


- Initial support for 4 port Serial Cables - more on this coming soon for our Airconsole "Terminal Server"
- Beta remote Wireshark packet capture feature - allows your Airconsole's wired ethernet port act as a sniffer port and tunnels the packets to a PC running Wireshark in remote capture mode. This feature is BETA.
- Redesigned LAN/DHCP settings page in GUI so you can configure in a single page.
- FTDI Driver update supports clone USB/Serial cables “bricked” by recent Windows update
- Allows WIFI to be completely disabled - a customer requested feature
- Improved support for additional non-FTDI USB/Serial adaptors


As per the last update, if you have an Airconsole Firmware 1.02 or 1.03 it must be upgraded first to 1.04 before applying this 2.55 upgrade file.



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