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Custom Airconsole 2.0 

Airconsole kits customised for particular customers or applications

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  • US$4,495.00

    FREE FEDEX SHIPPING. Airconsole XL 2.0 Alere Adaptor is a specific longer battery life Airconsole model for connecting iOS devices to Alere Diagnostic equipment. Based on our most popular Serial adaptor - with WIFI and Ethernet in a single package. Use with iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Android. Requires Alere cable available from Alere. SKU for 50 Pack

  • US$7,344.00

    Airconsole XL 2.0 x 100 units - bulk packed. Includes Airconsole XL unit, USB Serial Cable, Bluetooth adaptor and micro USB charging cable. Shipping included Fedex International economy with DDP terms.

  • US$800.00

    Andrey stock payment

Showing 10 - 12 of 12 items


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