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Adaptors for converting RJ45 Serial cables to DB-9 and/or other presentations. Allows the C2-RJ45 Cable and Get Console App to be used with other device serial ports.

  • Adaptors, Converters and Dongles
    Adaptors, Converters...

    Adaptors to convert serial presentation to match your serial device - i.e. RJ45 to DB9, Reverse (null) DB9, DB25, DEX or male/female orientation.

  • NFC Labels
    NFC Labels

    Add NFC Labels to your existing Airconsole, or new Airconsole Standard or Pro kits. These labels are stuck on the back of the Airconsole and come pre-encoded with your Airconsole WIFI SSID, password, SerialBot Application launcher and serialbot connection settings (9600-8N1). Use NFC labels to "Tap to Connect" from Android phones and Tablets (4.1 and later - some default setting changes maybe required in Android 4.3). On tapping the label the Android phone/tablet will join the Airconsole WIFI, launch SerialBot, and within SerialBot launch a serial connection through Airconsole at 9600 Baud. The SSID, Password and connection parameters embedded on the NFC label can all be changed via a separate free App on Google Play (Airconsole NFC Writer).

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    Redelivery Charges

    Redelivery Fees for failed Fedex Deliveries

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    Custom Orders

    Bespoke Combinations of our products created for individual orders

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