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 What is the difference between the Standard, Pro and XL kits?

The Standard Kit includes
     1 x Airconsole Adaptor
     1 x 30cm USB-Bluetooth-Serial cable (includes Airconsole BT dongle)
     1 x 30cm USB DC charging cable
     1 x Quick Start Instruction Guide
The Pro Kit adds the following to the Standard Kit
     1 x RJ45-to-DB9 dongle (straight through)
     1 x RJ45-to-DB9 dongle (null / crossover)
     1 x License Key for 2 UDID Get Console Private Server Perpetual License. 
The XL Kit adds the following to the Pro Kit
     Larger 4400 mAH battery lasts 12 hours
     Pre-programmed NFC label for tap-to-connect operation on Android (via WIFI)

 What is the price of the Airconsole Kits?

Airconsole is competitively priced as per below RRP
     Standard Kit - Single Unit US$79.00 - standard shipping charges apply
     Standard Kit - 3 Pack US$225.00  - standard shipping charges appl
     Pro Kit - Single Unit US$115.00 - FREE Fedex Shipping included
     Pro Kit - 3 Pack US$329.00 - FREE Fedex Shipping included
     XL Kit - Single Unit US$139.00 - FREE Fedex Shipping included
     XL Kit - 3 Pack US$399.00 - FREE Fedex Shipping included

 Why is Airconsole cheaper compared to other Wireless/Wired Ethernet to Serial Adaptors?

Airconsole is based on mass produced hardware that we have heavily customised the embedded software on, rather than commissioning a low volume production run of a niche adaptor. We pass these savings onto you. Because we are nice.

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