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 What is Airconsole?

Airconsole is multi-purpose WIFI / bluetooth adaptor designed for seamless use with our Apps. It offers RS232 Serial connectivity along with wired-wireless Ethernet bridging to iOS Apps, Android Apps, Mac and PC all within a low cost, 70gm Lithium powered portable package. On iOS, Airconsole has been designed for seamless use with our Get Console and RapidSSH applications to offer direct serial port access over WIFI or Bluetooth as if (or instead of) using a Redpark C2-RJ45V serial cable. On Android Airconsole works with our lightweight free Terminal "SerialBot".


Airconsole's main features are summarized below:

- Get instant serial connectivity via Wifi, Bluetooth (Low Energy or 2.1) or Wired Ethernet connection - all in a single adaptor
- Works seamlessly with Get Console iPad/iPhone app, or SerialBot Android App - easy auto-discovery and 1 time setup.
- Offers both Wired Ethernet and Wired Serial connectivity over Wifi simultaneously from within Get Console or other iOS Apps*.
- Use as higher functioning alternative to Redpark C2-RJ45V cable
- Built in long life Lithium Ion Battery - 14 days switched off, 5+ hours of battery operation, external power port also allows for 
- Connects to Cisco native USB console ports as well as RJ45 or DB9 Serial ports. Other native USB serial ports will be added in the future.
- Can operate as an AP client joining to an existing WIFI network at the same time as an Infrastructure AP. 

- Offers cloud connectivity to dynamically (and concurrently) share the Serial Port to external web users via our Private Server software
- Also simultaneously functions as wired-wireless Ethernet bridge, allowing for complete field engineering task completion within a single app
- Connect to wired Ethernet based management ports via Telnet or SSH in Get Console, or via HTTP/S via mobile Safari.
- Leverage Get Console's built in TFTP Server, or external app FTP server to upload/download files over Ethernet while concurrently connected to Airconsole's Serial port.

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