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What is Airconsole? - The Only Serial Adaptor You'll Ever Need

Airconsole 2.0 is our latest portable, battery powered, RS232 Serial over WIFI and Bluetooth Adaptor. Designed to be seamlessly used with Mobile Apps on iOS, Android and also on PC, MAC OSX and Linux, Airconsole provides flexible and convenient access to physical Serial and Ethernet ports from devices (such as iPads and iPhones) that have only WIFI network interfaces.


The Universal Serial Adaptor:

Airconsole for Personal Use


- Instant, all-in-one serial connectivity via Wifi, Wired Ethernet or Bluetooth 4 (Low Energy)

- Works with everything - iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC - use our Apps or bring your own

- Connects to everything - RS232, DB9, DB25, DEX, Cisco serial console, Serial over USB

- Small - weighs just 2.2oz (63gms) yet runs for hours

- Fast - ready to use in 10 seconds from power on

- Long life Lithium Battery - 14 days switched off, or operate with external power (cable included)

- Flexible - Operate as a Wireless AP, AP Client or combination of both. Also bridges WIFI to Wired Ethernet to give Wireless only devices a "Wired" Ethernet port.


Airconsole gets your modern devices connected to the legacy and USB serial ports on industrial, networking, home automation or other field equipment quickly and easily. No more hunting for the right cable or converter - auto-discovery and setup is built into our Get Console and SerialBot apps, and on PC and Mac our drivers make Airconsole appear as a physically connected serial port.


The Portable Terminal Server

Airconsole low cost serial terminal server


Why spend hundreds or thousands on a Moxa*, Perle* or Opengear* serial terminal server - the Airconsole is a full featured remote access and out-of-band management device for server and network equipment serial ports - it happens to also be portable and draw very little power. Connect Airconsole's into your wired or wireless management network and it can auto-tunnel back to our Private Server enterprise management software (available for customers to host internally or on Amazon EC2). Licenses are included with Airconsole Pro / XL kits.


Developers Welcome

Cloudstore publish free iOS or Websockets Software Development Kits - allowing both mobile and web developers to add native RS232 serial port support easily into their existing apps. Great for industrial use such as controlling robots directly from a mobile webpage, or building home automation control applications. Our SDK (download link on right) includes example code and simple apps to get you started.


Really, The Only Serial Adaptor You'll Ever Need

Because Airconsole works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC - you'll only need to carry one adaptor kit with you for field work. And not only can a field engineer access Airconsole - the latest 2.1 release allows remote users to concurrently access Airconsole serial ports at the same time via our Private Server software. Deploy Airconsole as a semi-perminant serial terminal server for a fraction of the price of competing terminal servers. This lets remote engineers work directly on field serial devices with or without a field engineer present.  


Plenty More to Come

Airconsole is being actively developed to offer more features, on our roadmap already is a multi-port terminal server (great for lab builds), integrated serial tunnelling, a 3G version, M2M mode and a built in javascript terminal client that provides a serial terminal window without any client application or plugins. These and other updates will be available via straight forward firmware update available on this page.


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