Do you have a great idea for an niche mobile application that requires RS232 Serial, Wired Ethernet or USB connectivity into an existing piece of hardware? We make it easy for you to develop mobile and tablet based Apps to directly attach to the vast and varied amount of Industrial, Medical, Retail or other specialist field equipment. Leverage our SDK and customized Airconsole hardware to build complete solutions for your clients, in weeks, not months.

Make your own Apps with our SDK and Hardware

Get to Market Quickly

Using our iOS or Websockets SDK, along with customized and "Your Logo" branded Airconsole adaptors you can create mobile applications to interact directly with all manner of existing field equipment without having to write serial drivers, do firmware development or go through lengthy hardware prototyping, production and regulatory approvals. Dont waste time becoming an expert in niche serial technologies and its interaction with iOS and Android - we already are! Create integrated, high margin solutions for your clients and deliver them in weeks not months.

-- Create high value niche mobile apps that interact directly with Serial, Wired Ethernet or USB equipment

-- Simple implementation with example code included shortens learning curve

-- Package an integrated software and hardware solution to your clients that is stickier than software alone

-- Strike while client interest is high - get to market in as little as 3 weeks

-- Low minimums for free branding of Airconsole hardware and firmware customization

-- Solid, tested hardware and firmware along with expert developer support

How does it work

Developer Solution Components

Low Risk and Low Costs

No Developer wants to waste time on a solutions that ultimately wont work, nor do you want to be locked in to any particular proprietary platform or technology. Working with us, your code stays modular and reusable - if you dont want to use Airconsole and our tools any longer you wont have to start from scratch.

-- Standards based Serial over WIFI uses RFC2177 methods that can be migrated to other hardware

-- First to Market with Serial over Bluetooth Low Energy - Less Power, Keep WIFI connected to cloud

-- SDK drops into IOS development environment and can easily be swapped out with other serial libraries

-- Websockets leverages standardized methods for invoking, controlling and terminating serial sessions

-- Use as much or as little of our code as you need

Great Hardware

White label Airconsole

Airconsole Hardware is based the Mediatek 5350 SOC and runs a stable and well supported linux kernel. Our firmware is our own that we have built from the ground up to provide the right mix of features for developers of mobile apps. Airconsole hardware is suitable for connecting your Mobile App to pretty much any type of equipment with any connector, and presenting that connection to your app over WIFI.

-- Low historical failure rates after 24 months of operation

-- Easy to patch firmware - add new features and fixes via simple firmware update built in

-- Simple for your clients to use - the instructions are printed on the back or use an NFC label to automate connection (on Android)

-- Low Cost, Battery powered, Powerful and flexible

What about Bluetooth Low Energy?

Airconsole now supports BT Low Energy and BT 2.1. BTLE can be suitable for very slow serial connections - a sustained rate of 9600baud max (peaks can be higher). Bluetooth 2.1 supports higher speeds. Airconsole uses Bluetooth Low Energy for iOS as Apple does not support Bluetooth 2.1 SPP without gaining MFI approval. On Android, Airconsole can support Bluetooth 2.1.

Using Bluetooth rather than WIFI to connect to Airconsole leaves the iOS or Android device with an unused WIFI interface that can be used to remain connected to your cloud service or the Internet in general. So long as the bandwidth requirements are minimal, using Serial over Bluetooth Low Energy is a good choice for iOS Application developers.

Why not use a Cable Product?

If there was a cable that worked with every type of Android, Windows and iOS Device then no problem. But there isn't and never will be. Using a WIFI to Serial adaptor offers developers the widest compatibility with the greatest number of handsets or tablets, allowing for code reuse between platforms, meaning you can launch apps for all mobile platforms without having to worry about different Tablets and smartphone physical interfaces and USB limitations.

-- Auto discovery and Auto connect code make connecting to serial devices as easy as a cable

-- Typical 10m operating range better than cable and more convenient for users

-- No headaches with ever changing connectors and adaptors on the smartphone and tablet side

-- No issues with Android fragmentation USB Host vs Slave mode

-- Support not only Serial, but also Ethernet and USB, meaning broader field device connectivity from single adaptor

-- NO Apple MFI Approval (3-4 Month process) is required to use WIFI-Serial solutions in iOS Apps

-- Internet access to Tablet/Smartphone preserved even while connected to Serial-over-WIFI

Secure Communication

In addition to standard AES encryption on Airconsole WIFI, Our SDKs also allow for further TLS/SSL encryption layer between your mobile Application and Airconsole - using only the latest ciphers. Have confidence in transmitting sensitive data from your App to field equipment such as POS terminals, Medical or Building Security systems over the air.

-- Bank grade TLS/SSL encryption in addition to WIFI encryption (Heartbleed Bug free!)

-- No local storage/caching of any data transmitted through Airconsole

So Get Started

We dont bite - were a small development shop hungry to hear your ideas, so contact us now and launch something literally next month.

Developer Resources

Download the iOS SDK (iPhone/iPad)

Download the Websockets SDK (PC/Mac)

Download the Android SDK (also Java)

Get Pricing for Custom Airconsole

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