Switches: Edge-corE, TP-Link, Extreme Networks, (KTI)

List of Network Equipment that will work with Get Console app and cables
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Switches: Edge-corE, TP-Link, Extreme Networks, (KTI)

Postby ChrisH » Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:59 am

I was able to successfully use the AirConsole with the following switches:
Edge-Core: multiple, all feature a serial console on RJ45 w/ Cisco standard
TP-Link: JetStream switches, console on RJ45
Extreme Networks: Summit switches, console on RJ45

KTI: they were to dumb and reversed the RJ45 console on a KGD-802-P /B.
I ended up using an RJ45-subD9 cable, a null-modem adapter and the RJ45-USB converter w/ subD9 connector. That worked, but smart is different.
(Basically we would need a null-modem adapter on RJ45, oh well...)

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