Aruba, Palo Alto, Enterasys

List of Network Equipment that will work with Get Console app and cables
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Aruba, Palo Alto, Enterasys

Postby lucas » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Aruba 7240 Mobility Controler: works using USB serial adapter.
Palo Alto 5000 Series (5060 tested): works using USB serial adapter.
Palo Alto M-100: works by attaching DB9 adapter to USB serial adapter.
Enterasys C Series: works by attaching DB9 adapter.

Now for the fun one.

Enterasys D/S Series: works by attaching null modem to supplied USB serial adapter, then attaching a DB9 genger bender, then attaching vendor supplied DB9 to RJ45 adapter, then attaching straight ethernet cable.

This is a bit of a mess and a pain to have to carry around. Get out the multimeter, tear apart an RJ45 coupler, and replicate the wire mapping... much better.

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