Get Console crashes when connecting to private server

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Re: Get Console crashes when connecting to private server

Postby simon » Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:24 am

Hi Riser,
If you can successfully share a session with the Public servers but not with your Private Server, then indicates something on the Private Server or any firewall that is sitting between Private Server and iPhone/iPad. If the session is appearing on the private server then the iPhone->PS traffic must be getting there but somehow the iPhone is not understanding the response. Possibly the response is malformed which is why GC crashes.

The fact that Get Console crashes is worrying. It should generate a timeout error if doesnt get any understandable response from Private Server.

Could you please submit the crash report to Apple (enable sending crash reports in your iPhone general settings). We will pick it up and be able to decode where it is, but it sounds like it is in the session-sharing / private server code.

Also if you contact me with your Private Server details we will see if we can replicate it on your Private Server from our test iPhones/iPads.

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