Larger scroll back and a paste buffer...

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Re: Larger scroll back and a paste buffer...

Postby simon » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:23 pm

Hi Jim,

1) If you are referring to scrollback buffer in the App, you can set this to 1000+ in versions later than v1.61 as we made improvements in the way the screen redraws to handle much longer scrollbacks

However on the website when you are remote accessing its currently limited to about 150 lines. We'll be improving this on our new website which we just launched. Watch this space.

2) Controlling the paste speed with a buffer (so that it doesnt overload the console port and start corrupting - a common problem on early cisco's) - great idea - we'll add this to the dev list for v1.70.

3) Android - we keep looking at it, but then decide its all too hard / fragmented. I think ice-cream-sandwich might change our minds.

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