Serial Bot for Android Interface upgrade and Cisco Shotrcuts

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Should Serial Bot for Android upgraded to a similar feature-set as it's iPad counterpart?

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Serial Bot for Android Interface upgrade and Cisco Shotrcuts

Postby yozz3r » Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:35 am

Hi all,

I use Airconsole extensively for my mainly Cisco based work and so now do my many of my colleagues. Since the company I work for have opted for Android based mobile devices I was wondering if there were any plans to make a more Cisco-Friendly gui change to Serial Bot?

I have had experience of Juice SSH and think it would be invaluable to be able to scroll left / right and tab as well as other shortcuts. Maybe it could be a full featured as the iPad version?? I'm sure there would be a market for this and that engineers such as myself would part with some beer tokens for it... ;)

Juice SSH (middle screenshot from App Store is my meaning) ... i.juicessh


Y. :D

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