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What is the Get Console App
Get Console is an Apple App Store distributed application for Apple iOS devices that allows network engineers to connect to serial console ports such as to the console port of Cisco, Juniper, HP etc devices. Before Get Console, the only App Store applications available for Network engineers were restricted to using telnet or ssh. With the Get Console app, field engineers can perform router maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery operations directly on the Cisco, Juniper and other Vendor devices console port using the instant on, portable iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - all WITHOUT jailbreaking. The Get Console app features detailed logging, configuration repository access, command and keyboard shortcuts and instant remote access (via the website).

The Get Console app is useful to Network engineers in the following scenarios:
- During router first time configuration where the Cisco / Juniper device has no IP connectivity
- When the network device has crashed and remote telnet/ssh is not responding - the Get Console app will be faster to get access than finding a laptop and booting putty
- When remote telnet/ssh access is inappropriate due to network security policies, although Get Console offers telnet/ssh connectivity as well as serial
- When you want to avoid getting locked out - ie, performing changes on a router/switch/firewall that will result in temporary loss of remote IP connectivity.
- When you need instant remote help - share your console session with a more experienced remote engineer via instant remote access.

What is the Get Console web site?
The Get Console website is an optional extension to the Get Console app, which is designed to allow remote access to a Get Console app console session. When operating together the app and website combine to provide instant out-of-band remote access to serial (or telnet/ssh) sessions in the field. The Get Console website is geared towards network engineers working both on and offsite and provides a secure online location for configuration and documentation that is available from anywhere. In addition to config and file repositories, the web-based, plugin free remote client allows connection to remote devices including the iPhone connected console ports. The website client has many time saving features welcomed by Cisco and Juniper engineers, including common command shortcuts, auto-saving of passwords for rapid reuse, user defined shortcut scripts and many other handy features.

What other hardware is required?
The Get Console app requires the Redpark C2-RJ45 Console cable which is Apple certified, and has the correct pinouts and firmware to connect the Apple iOS device to a Cisco console port (note the port is RJ-45 serial rather than the newer cisco mini USB port). The cable can be adapted to DB-9 female presentation using a dongle. The Redpark console cable and dongle can be purchased from our shop, or from any other cable retailer, including from Redpark directly. The cable is a "Made for iPod" licensed accessory designed for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and has been extensively tested with Cisco, Juniper, HP and Brocade console ports and the Get Console app. Redpark currently have a MSRP of US$59 for the C2-RJ45 cable.

How much does the app and cable cost
Amix Capital is the developer of the Get Console app which is priced at US$9.99 and is available from the Apple app store here. Get Console uses the independently created and marketed Redpark C2-RJ45 cable, which is manufactured and distributed by Redpark. The cable can be purchased from Redpark directly or from our shop. Purchasers of the app can connect to local serial devices or , and if they register with this Get Console website, can then get remote access to their Get Console app session without charge until further notice.

Is this a Cisco Systems approved or endorsed application / solution
No, Amix Capital, and the Get Console app have no affiliation whatsoever with Cisco Systems. the name "Cisco" is a trademark of Cisco Systems, used here under fair use provisions to describe the Get Console application (that only works with Cisco devices)

What devices can I connect my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to with the Get Console app?
In order to comply with Apple policies, the Get Console app and Redpark console cable has been designed to work with network devices (ie Cisco, Juniper, HP, Brocade, Fortinet equipment etc). We will progressively add official support for other vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent in later releases (after having tested compatibility of the Redpark cable and our terminal emulation with their serial console ports first hand).

At this time, however, Get Console is not guaranteed to function with generic serial ports from servers as the emulation used is not fully VT100 compliant and has been built with network devices in mind.

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