Remote Access (Session Sharing) feature

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Remote Access (Session Sharing) feature

Postby simon » Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:39 pm

How does the Session Sharing feature work?
The Get Console app provides a terminal emulation (very close to VT100) for a serial connection to the network device console port. When the session sharing feature is activated, the serial stream of data is packetized, compressed, encrypted and then transported inside HTTP or HTTPS packets using a proprietary method to a Get Console backend server (or Private Server if user has purchased this option). This is NOT the same an SSH connection from a remote location to your iOS device. The encapsulation method is designed to provide the best performance possible over often laggy 3G networks and generally survives firewall inspection, including Layer 7 firewall inspection. The Get Console backend servers then act as a bridge between the Get Console web-client and the iOS device console session. From the remote user"s perspective they have a single direct serial console session to the remote serial device.

Where are the Backend Servers located?
At this time we have 3 Get Console backend server locations: US, UK and Asia Pacific. Depending on demand and latency requirements of customers, we will add more backend servers as required.

Can I host my own Private backend server?
Yes! If you would like to host your own backend server then please download the private server Virtual Machine image from A low cost license is needed for each device wanting to connect to a Private Server. There is no license required to connect to our public get-console backend servers.

Do I need to login to use the Remote Proxy feature?
No, if you require a basic connection without logging, command shortcuts, config template and file access, then you can launch a guest connection from the website homepage via the connect to live session box. You can login at anytime before or after making the remote connection if you would like access to these tools. However, the Apple iOS device user must have entered a username and password for the remote access feature to work - even though the remote user accessing the session does not.

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