Internet access from cell radio on iOS device.

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Internet access from cell radio on iOS device.

Postby bsanspree » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:40 pm

In the documentation it sates one of the options is not to define the default route when doing dhcp in order to allow the cell radio Internet to work. You can provide a default route as long as no DNS is provided the wifi will connect and route but will look to the cell radio for DNS and outside traffic. I have tested this on both iPad and iPhone using various versions of iOS 5 and 6. I have used DNS-masque, uDHCPD, and ISC-DHCP-server in testing this option for another project. This might be a middle of the road option and require one less config as you could still use the ip-forwarding in ip chains to hit local other ip addresses if using the wired connection in conjunction with the wifi ap mode.

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