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General RapidSSH Information

Postby simon » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:24 pm

RapidSSH is a new lower cost variation of the Get Console App that does NOT support serial connectivity, but instead has a much more advanced implementation of SSH code than Get Console. We hope to release RapidSSH to the App store in late August 2012.

We will be developing and releasing SSH terminal features first in the RapidSSH app and rolling these into the Get Console over time as they are field proven.

RapidSSH shares most of Get Consoles powerful UI and terminal feature - Clipboard, Screen Sharing, Multi-Session, Connection Management, Scripting, Dropbox Integration etc, but on the SSH side has greater support for many SSH features not found in the majority of App store SSH apps - things like SSHv1 support, multiple key formats, SSH Agent for quick on-ward authentication, Zlib compression in SSH, auto negotiation of many different encryption protocols and a bunch more features. Things that you might (or might not) find in the higher priced iSSH app, but generally a not in SSH Term Pro, Prompt and most of the other SSH terminal apps out there.

Your saved (non-serial) connections from Get Console can be run in RapidSSH

To find out more about RapidSSH, visit

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